The Magical Healing Yurt

The Magical Healing Yurt

The home of Rub Mobile Massage Therapy is a 26 ft circular building called a Yurt. It is a native form of housing to the Mongolian nomadic culture, however now a days many people use them as retreat and meditation spaces. Looking at the pictures I am sure you can see why. 

Every time I step inside I'm simultaneously transported to a different realm. The energy within is so uplifting many people report a an instant feeling of awe and relaxation. Come check it out for yourself by booking a massage or meditation session with me ! 

We often have events there as well, so if you are interested in coming, feel free to reach out with your info to join our mailing list and stay updated on what's happening!

How Can I Help?

If you have any questions about what treatment to choose, feel free to send me a message!